Icing Recipes

These are the icing recipes I used for my cakes. For my cake coverings I prefer to use Marshmallow Fondant, as it is so easy to roll out and molds around any shape of a cake easily.

Marshmallow Fondant

8 ozs white marshmallows
1 - 3 tblsp water
1 lb icing sugar (sifted)
¼ cup crisco / veg shortening

If your marshmallows are big do cut them up into small pcs. Put them in a bowl with 2 tblsp of water and microwave for 20 seconds. Take bowl and stir gently and put it back in microwave. You will have to do this about 4 to 5 times or till the MM has completely melted.

Take about ½ or ¾ of icing sugar and dump it on top of the melted MM and stir a bit until it is cool enough for you to handle. If you have a heavy-duty mixer, this part can be done in it.

Now grease your hands and your table-top or marble slab generously with the shortening. Now transfer the mix to your table-top and knead it like you never kneaded it before, adding more icing sugar as you go along. You may also need to re-grease your hands for time to time.

You should get a smooth, firm elastic ball that will stretch without tearing. Grease the ball of fondant generously, then cover with a plastic wrap and store in a tight container.

Generally it is best to let it rest for a bout 6 to 8 hours before use.

When rolling out, dust table & rolling pin lightly with cornflour for a smooth finish.

Storage Tips
This icing can be kept in a cool dry place for a bout 2 weeks. However it can hold up for several weeks in the fridge. Before use bring to room temp. and knead it well. If it is a little on the dry side, break it into pieces and microwave it for about 5 seconds. Grease your hands and knead it again before use.